About Dance Factory for Kids

At Dance Factory, children from the age of 3 are encouraged to express themselves through movement. They develop skills and reach their full potential and of course have fun. Children can also take part in the School Show, giving them the opportunity to perform whilst building confidence and celebrating their progress.

At Dance Factory for Kids we help children explore their ideas of dance through movement, investigate the potential of their bodies and minds in an uninhibited enabling environment.

Our Venues


The Dance Studio at Latchmere Leisure Centre
Burns Road
London SW11 5AD


Wix Primary School
Wix’s Lane
London SW4 OAJ


“After 9 years at the Dance Factory, I can say one thing above all else – Loretta knows how to nurture a love of dance and how to balance that with the technique that is the foundation for it all”
Sarah, parent
“I love my dance class with Miss Loretta. She doesn’t just tell you what to do, or even just show you, she joins in and dances with us. The classes are always fun and when I leave I always feel like skipping all the way home”
Sophie, aged 7
“Miss Loretta is an incredibly gifted teacher with a nurturing inclusive style who seems to know instinctively how to draw out the best from each child. Her dance classes are always fun and of a very high standard. The children don’t realise how much they are learning and progressing technically as they are too busy enjoying themselves”
Alison, parent
“I joined the Dance Factory at the age of four and stayed until I was sixteen! Miss Loretta is more than a dance teacher. The dedication and perseverance that she puts into every dancer gives confidence and passion and the desire to dance whenever possible. The classes have provided me with a life-long love for dance and I thank Miss Loretta and the Dance Factory for that”
Bonnie, aged 17